When it is really hot:

Our recipes for cool drinks with cold coffee


Espresso on the Rocks

Place some ice cubes in a shaker (a good half of the Espresso-Mix). - Brew an espresso (in the cup) with your coffee maker. Then add sugar to your liking, and stir.

Now add the finished and sweetened espresso to the shaker with the ice cubes and shake briefly until it has cooled down. In this cooler condition the espresso also displays a nice froth.

If you do not have a shaker, you can just pour the freshly brewed espresso into the glass with some ice cubes and just wait.

Espresso can be fun even on hot days.



Ice-cool Cappuccino

For this cold cappuccino choose a suitable glass, and prepare an espresso on the rocks as described above.

Now pour cold milk on top of the espresso in the glass. Then add a hood of whipped cream (the easiest way is from the "aerosol“) and sprinkle chocolate powder on top of the whipped cream. As a decoration you can crown it with a coffee bean on top

A more refreshing cappuccino you have never drunk!



Iced Coffee

Prepare in a separate glass an espresso on the rocks to as described above. Then place a ball of vanilla ice cream in a bowl and proceed carefully to pour the espresso over it, the addition of some chocolate spread can make things even better, and also looks great.

The results in a refreshing coffee and dessert all in one!




El Sueño de Fidel Castro

(The Dream of Fidel Castro)

Take some coffee and a pinch of cinnamon powder and then load it into the portafilter of your Espresso-Machine. Prepare like an "Espresso on the Rocks" in a glass adding sugar to your liking. Stir. – With the fully automatic machines add a little cinnamon syrup or little cinnamon powder to the finished espresso. In the case of syrup do not add sugar afterwards as the cinnamon syrup is already sweetened. 

Incidentally (Cooking cinnamon pieces and sugar together, then leaving for a day to draw can easily produce a great cinnamon Syrup).

Now as in an espresso on the rocks, pour the espresso into a decorative glass (e.g., wine glass) and add a capful of brown rum. Important: the quantities of cinnamon and rum should be (low) so that the aromas of coffee, cinnamon and rum remain in a perfect balance with each other. Now you can crown this refreshing drink with a hood of whipped cream from the "aerosol". A little chocolate powder, and/or a coffee bean top give this drink an aesthetic and final touch.

The dream of Fidel Castro is ready. A true summer indulgence!

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